8 common mistakes in finding a job

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8 common mistakes in finding a job

Searching for a job is difficult: it takes time and effort. Look out for these eight mistakes in finding a job and you will have a better chance to succeed!

1. The lack of genuine motivation

People who do not know what they want to do for a living apply for positions that attract the most applicants because they think that popularity equals a good workplace. They do not necessarily have their heart out, and that can be one reason why they do not get noticed in the recruitment process. Recruiters are pretty good at spotting candidates’ motivation. If you send the same application everywhere, it does not feel like you are especially interested in the certain position you are applying for.

2. Waiting for too long to apply

The given timeline to apply for a job might be two months, but that does not mean that applications are not read before the end of that period. Therefore, do not wait for too long; apply as soon as possible!

3. Unprofessional email address

If you do not already have an email address that is a form of the first name.last name (at)x.com, it is time to get one. Catgirl97(at)gmail.com might work for emails between friends, but it is not appropriate for job hunting. Keep it professional!

4. Not to proofread your application

One surprisingly common mistake is that applicant’s contact information includes spelling mistakes. Check that you have written your email address and other information correctly. Make sure that there are no other spelling mistakes either in your CV or application. It is better to ask your friend to proofread them for you because it is difficult to spot your own mistakes when you have been working on your application for some time.

5. Applying for so many jobs that you forget which is which

It is evident that you might need to apply for several jobs to get one, but you should still be able to keep track of where you have applied. Always get to know the company before sending an application. Why is this important? Not just because it allows you to edit your application but also because of what might happen afterward. What if suddenly one of the companies you have applied for calls you and asks “What was it that interested you most in this job?” If you cannot at that moment remember anything about that job, you might have a problem. Just remember that for unexpected phone interviews, you have no time to prepare, so do it already when you are applying.

6. All eggs in one basket

Even though you should apply for only jobs you are interested in, only devoting time and energy to one opportunity might be a mistake. That job may seem perfect for you and you think you have what it takes. Still, be prepared that you are not the only one who is feeling the same. Especially when applying for certain summer jobs (for example in Finland) there can be hundreds of job candidates so do not put all your eggs in one basket. It is much safer to apply for several positions.

7. Not to practice for a job interview

It is not self-evident that you get invited to an interview but when you do, now it is your time to shine! One common mistake is not to practice before the interview and another is not to study anything about the company in advance. When your interviewer asks you what you think of their new brand image, and you have no idea what is he talking about, you may ruin your chances.

8. Being too cocky, speaking too much – or just the opposite

It is a good idea to practice for the interview and show that you are confident. Remember still to be likable and humble. Recruiters appreciate an applicant who realizes their own shortcomings and is working on fixing them. If you are asked about your weaknesses, do not tell them that you do not have any. Everyone has some so be prepared to give a proper answer. NB! Your weakness should not be too severe, but just something that is fixable, and you are currently trying to improve.

One common mistake is to talk too much and for too long. Keep your answers short enough but of course answer the question with more than one word. Normally it is neither a good idea that you are the only one talking in the interview. The best interviews are more like discussions between candidates and recruiters.

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