3 Tips for Mobile Recruiting

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3 Tips for Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting continues to rapidly evolve and job seeker behaviours are constantly changing quickly too.

Research has shown that almost 90% of job seekers now utilise mobile devices when looking for a new job. It also comes as no surprise that a candidate can make their decision whether to join your company based on their candidate experience during your company’s hiring process. We have often talked about improving your company’s recruitment process but never really mentioned how you can improve mobile recruiting.

Leveraging the benefits of mobile technology can help you avoid massive drop-off rates and increase candidate conversion rates. Here are three tips to help you succeed in mobile recruiting:

1) Communicate with your candidates

Take this chance to communicate with your potential employees in creative ways. For instance, you should definitely send automated text messages throughout the candidate’s recruitment process. Not only will the candidates be able to stay up to date with their applications, they will also feel that they are valued by the company.

Another way to capture your candidates’ attention will be with video content. Along with great videos that can be uploaded to YouTube, you can try your hand at live broadcasting. Maybe organize a 30-minute live job search session, where you can take questions from your viewers.  You can also record a Google Hangout and upload that video on your careers page.

2) Optimize your careers site

To enhance the candidate experience make sure your site loads quickly and allow a seamless transition from your main website, with a branded careers page that matches your overall web theme. Whichever route visitors take to your careers site, whether through social media, job boards or an online search, they must be directed to mobile-optimized pages.

3) Share your company culture

Other than these technology woes, sometimes it boils down to the content you provide for your candidates. A great way to engage your candidates will be to share more about your company culture on the career pages. This is a great way for them to learn about your culture and decide whether they fit in or not.

Career pages can play a critical role in the recruiting process, and innovative employers are using them to showcase their culture and values in order to attract the right employees. Examples of these high quality careers pages may include features such as an inside look at the company’s mission and objectives, the cultures of specific teams, and interviews with current employees.

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