Meet Virtual Recruitment Assistant

Our solution enables you to send automatic status updates and
fully personal feedback to each job candidate.
It streamlines your recruitment process by automating manual and repetitious tasks.
That is why we call it the Virtual Recruitment Assistant.

Suuperior Candidate Experience with Virtual Recruitment Assistant

The Virtual Recruitment Assistant is more than just a traditional recruitment software. It can handle the entire recruitment process, but in addition to that, it allows you to provide an exceptional Candidate Experience to each candidate.

The magic behind the solution

The magic is that you can maintain effective communication with your candidates throughout the process. The Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) allows you to send status messages and fully personalised feedback to all your candidates, without exception. Only a few clicks are required.

An end-to-end recruitment solution: enjoy superior experiences every step of the way:

1. Create attractive job ads

The process begins by creating attractive job advertisements. Use default formats and build your own design. Adding your logo, image and colors will give your brand unique personality.

Publish your ads, and share and promote them on social media.

2. Candidates apply effortlessly

Forget long application formats, and make them very simple. With the ‘one click’ approach, you attract the best talent while you get all the info you need.

Why is it important? According to various studies, candidates are unwilling to fill out long application forms. By keeping a simple format, you prevent your candidates from leaving the application process already in the beginning.

3. Evaluate candidates

Go through applications and evaluate candidates while reviewing the application documents. No downloads are needed.

4. Status Updates and Personal Feedback

Maintain close communication with your candidates. You can send status updates throughout the recruitment process. Inform your candidates about how the process goes forward.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can send personalised feedback messages to all candidates. The feedback is based on your evaluation but our algorithm takes care of the writing for you.

"I liked the part where good feedback and suggestions were given. This really helps the candidate to improve by targeting his mistakes."

Candidate testimonial 2017

“Recruiter x is an awesome and fantastic HR professional. Quality of the feedback was outstanding.”

Candidate testimonial 2017

“It felt like I had a personal connection with the recruiter.”

Candidate testimonial 2017


video interview_talentadore

5. Video interviews

We have integrated our solution with RecRight video interview tool. You can now invite your candidates to video interviews and go through the answers within our solution! No importing and exporting needed. It’s easy and simple.

6. Schedule interviews

Schedule phone and face-to-face meetings with your candidates easily. Set up available times in your calendar & let candidates choose out of them. This saves you a lot of time and effort!

job interview schedule talentadore

7. Build Talent Community

Store the data of the exceptional candidates and use it in your future recruitment processes. Next time, you may not even need to open
a position.

Place potential candidates into your internal Talent Community. Add relevant tags to filter your candidates. Search with the tags or any other keywords in the documents (also PDFs) or notes.

8. Measure the experience

Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruitment process. Also, do you want to know what the candidates think about your recruitment process? With the help of NPS (Net Promoter Score) indicators, you can measure your employer brand and how it evolves in real time.

With our customers, we have found that, on average, 70% of candidates would recommend the company to their social circles after receiving a personalised feedback letter. With an impersonal letter, the average is 20%.

Add human touch to talent attraction!

It’s all about the next generation communication.
We help you give 100% personalised feedback to
each candidate in a few seconds.

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Candidate Experience

Deliver superior Candidate Experience and improve your Employer Brand.

Talent Community

Earmark potential candidates for the future and build your internal talent pool.

Plug & Play

Fast onboarding: Just register and start the using immediately.

End-to-End Recruitment Process

Our ATS combines artificial intelligence and the human touch.

Personal feedback

Give 100% personalised feedback to all candidates.

Analytics and metrics

Track Candidate Experience and how effectively your recruitment process is performing.

Unlimited users

Create as many users as you need, with no limits.

Cloud service

Use our solution from anywhere you like and whenever you want.

5 stars customer service

We are multilingual and always there to give you a hand.