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Improve your Employer brand and hire the Right talent. Make it possible by giving 100% personalised feedback to each job candidate with no extra time.

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“We are convinced that this tool could contribute to reinforcing the perception of our employer brand. We feel it will enable a more intense interaction with our candidates, as they have great long term value to our company.”

– Deutsche Post Mobility GmbH –


“We are focusing on making a difference in the construction industry. Motivated people with right sk
ills and culture-fit are vital to achieve our goals. Today’s traditional recruitment processes with its discontinuities are not sufficient enough to locate suitable candidates efficiently. By changing the talent management process from focusing on present employees into managing talents pre-recruitment is key for locating suitable engaged prospects.”

– Fira –


“Candidates regard job-hunting as highly personal and we want to treat them with as much respect and care as possible. Reputation is important to us and their social circles may well become our customers one day.” 

– L&T –


“Anyone who’s applied for a job knows how important it is to be informed and treated with respect. Creating great candidate experience requires great communication. With so much to do in so little time, we need tools to make human2human communication more efficient”

– Suunto –