We bring the human touch
back to recruitment

Our passion

We are happy when we are surrounded with people who share the same passion. We want to be part of the group. It’s the same when we apply for a job. We want to be part of that company, part of that group, part of that story.

We enable companies to find the right kind of talent by bringing the human touch back to recruitment. Every candidate deserves the best possible candidate experience and to be treated with respect. This must be the principal purpose of any recruitment process hand in hand with finding the right talent for the job.

We enable companies to do this.

Our Expertise

Our solution is a Virtual Recruitment Assistant that combines an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) boosted communication with a state of the art Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It handles everything from Job Postings to Recruitment Decisions. The true magic happens when 100% personal feedback is given to all job candidates.

We believe that superior candidate communication fulfils many dreams. With personal, detailed and relevant feedback, your candidates learn from each application process. In that way, they evolve towards their dream jobs. As a result, your company attracts right kind of talent and your business grows. Everybody wins.

Benefits for the HR Professionals

You have always wanted to have better communication with your candidates, but you have not had the time or resources to do it. What if you could provide each job candidate with 100% personal and relevant feedback? Sounds like too much work? It isn’t!

Our A.I. boosted end-to-end recruitment solution makes this possible. With its plug-and-play capabilities, our solution fits in with every organisation. In addition, it enables you to track and measure in real time how your employer brand evolves.

Start providing the superior candidate experience now!

Benefits for the Team Managers

You know what you kind of talent you need in your team – now and in the future. And when there is an open position, wouldn’t it be ideal to fill it as fast as possible, allocating your own time only to the right talent?

Your future hires in many cases are the candidates you reject right now. The best way to develop your talents is by giving each one of them personal and relevant feedback. This way, you capitalise each touch point with your candidates, and you help them to progress in the right direction.

Start providing the superior candidate experience now!

Benefits for the Visionary Leaders

You realise that there is a war for talent going on. Your company’s future growth and success depend on the talent that you are able to recruit now and especially in the future.

We offer you an end-to-end recruitment solution with unparallel communication capabilities. You are able now to give 100% personal and relevant feedback to each and every candidate. This is where you make or break your employer brand.

If that is not enough, our intelligent solution tracks your candidate experience and evolution of your employer brand in real time. And of course, offering the best possible candidate experience is also the best possible recruitment marketing you can do.

Start providing the superior candidate experience now!

dp-200-new“We are convinced that this tool could contribute to reinforcing the perception of our employer brand. We feel it will enable a more intense interaction with our candidates, as they have great long term value to our company.”

– Deutsche Post Mobility GmbH –


fira-200-new“We are focusing on making a difference in the construction industry. Motivated people with right skills and culture-fit are vital to achieve our goals. Today’s traditional recruitment processes with its discontinuities are not sufficient enough to locate suitable candidates efficiently. By changing the talent management process from focusing on present employees into managing talents pre-recruitment is key for locating suitable engaged prospects.”

– Fira –


l&t-200-new“Candidates regard job-hunting as highly personal and we want to treat them with as much respect and care as possible. Reputation is important to us and their social circles may well become our customers one day.” 

– L&T –


suunto-200-new“Anyone who’s applied for a job knows how important it is to be informed and treated with respect. Creating great candidate experience requires great communication. With so much to do in so little time, we need tools to make human2human communication more efficient”

– Suunto –


Amaze with personal feedback

You know your candidates deserve better communication. You would love to send status updates about the recruitment process and give personal feedback to every single candidate, but you just don’t have the time or resources to handle it. 

Let us help you. Meet our Virtual Recruitment Assistant!

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