Staria wants to create a personal and positive recruitment experience for jobseekers together with TalentAdore

Businesses use countless hours of work and lots of money in thinking about what customers want and need. Why not do the same for our employees, both present and future ones? In today’s global and competitive labor market, attracting the right talents is crucial both in creating a corporate brand and in the company’s ability to grow. On sites like jobseekers can share recruiting experiences with thousands of others, and negative comments can easily lead to a poor image of the employer.

Staria acknowledges that the company is just as good as its employees and that with the right people goals can be achieved effectively. One way we have responded to this need is TalentAdore’s recruitment system. Below, we have listed five areas that Staria has updated to meet today’s needs with the help of TalentAdore.

1. Finding the right talents

In Staria we want to find the right people for our ever-growing team. To stand out from the mass of job advertisement, are visually stylish ads and easy to apply applications important to us. With the TalentAdore tool, we are able to create an ad with Staria’s visual brand identity, that communicates the spirit of Staria at first glance. The application form has been kept as simple as possible: the applicant only needs to fill in the contact information, the cover letter and the CV, and the application is complete! With TalentAdore, we also take our HR business into a new era, as multidisciplinary recruitment assignments and professional staffing services can be done by simply switching the application form to our customer’s brand’s look and feel.

2. Facilitating the evaluation of applicants and the maintenance of data security

When choosing a new employee, we want to make a careful assessment of the decision and thoroughly go through the candidate’s CV and the cover letter. Printing e-mails, pencil markings in applications and collecting colleague feedback are jobs that take a lot of time, prolong search processes, and endanger the security of applicants. The TalentAdore’s tool allows you to read and evaluate your applications quickly and conveniently, while securing the applicants’ personal information on cloud services.

3. Effectively agreeing on an interview date, and easy communication

Since both applicants and interviewers are busy, it may sometimes seem almost impossible to arrange a suitable time for interview. TalentAdore’s service enables the appointment of suitable interviews from a calendar, from which the interviewee can directly book for themselves the most suitable time. If the recruitment process happens for some reason to be prolonged, we can also easily communicate this to the applicants via status messages.

4. Providing a positive experience for each applicant

“Thank you for your application! After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position.”. This odorless, tasteless and impersonal rejection letters is probably familiar to all job seekers. At Staria, we want no job seekers to wonder why they were not chosen at this time. If you do not get selected for the job, you will always receive a personal written feedback from your application, which you can also use for future job search.

5. Continuous improvement

Sometimes we find interesting people in recruiting situations, for which the position they applied for is not the most suitable one. The TalentAdore tool enables potential people to be added to Talent Community, so we can be in touch with them for future recruitment needs. We can also monitor the efficiency of the recruitment process and the development of the Staria employer image in real time. Based on the applicant feedback, we will also be able to improve our recruitment further.Experience a part of TalentAdore’s tool yourself by browsing the open positions at Staria’s webpage, or by leaving us an open application. Try and see how better recruitment is possible!

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