Saku Valkama, CEO of TalentAdore, was invited to be a jury member for the Tieto HR Recruitment Hackathon, which happened last Wednesday. It was such an interesting opportunity, so we decided to share his experience.The employer brand was once again emphasised at another event. This further proves how your brand is an integral part of your business. It is how your customers, employees, and the public perceive your company that matters. Your employer brand can benefit your business in many ways. In this article, the focus will be talent acquisition.

Building a talent pipeline and engaging top talent is no longer an easy task. Employee referrals have become a top source of quality hires. Other than the fact that you can enjoy better results at your company by providing a good candidate experience, wouldn’t it be nice if all your employees and candidates were advocates for your company? They have a voice that can be heard by everyone and garner trust. Therefore, the Hackathon was indeed an event well-organised to prepare Tieto for any future challenges.

The teams’ concepts were scored based on four different criteria.

  • Precision—the concept clearly solves the challenges faced
  • Novelty—the approach is original and is not used by any other company
  • Holistic—the concept bridges the recruitment experience between Tieto life and the employee experience that follows
  • Feasibility—the concept can be used in 2020.

Of course, apart from the content of the concepts, it was essential to have a great presentation with a “wow” effect and strong pitching quality. Because the event will define the innovation roadmap for Tieto Recruitment and Candidate Experience, it was a tight competition. There were many technical and logical reasons that explained and supported the decisions made at the Hackathon.

All in all, Saku believes that the main point for the winning team was that they promoted more engagement and two-way dialogue and communication. Communication is key among people. One should always build strong relationships with others to come to a mutual understanding.

Thank you, Tieto, for inviting Saku to this marvellous event!

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