The Startup Sauna program is coming to its end, and Slush is almost here. The event will be held on the 30th of November and the 1st of December in Helsinki (Messukeskus). We are anxiously waiting for the spectacle to start and I am sure we are not the only ones. In particular, the 100 startups competing with us in the pitching competition must be holding their breath.

The Startup Sauna program has been intense. Every week, we have learned something new and had the opportunity to meet great people. With the coaches, we have gone through, for example, our business model, customer pains, as well as brand image. I would say that pretty much everything has been covered.

Here is list of some of the great sessions in the Startup Sauna accelerator program:

  1. Customer pain by Moaffak Ahmed
  2. Founder talk: Customer validation by Kristo Ovaska
  3. Mountain talk by Riku Asikainen
  4. Customer development by Fabian Sepulveda
  5. Go-to-market by Kaj Hagros

In the previous blog post, I wrote in more detail about the sessions we have attended, but I would like to highlight one more. Thursday 17th of November was purely dedicated to branding, and it was a really eye-opening day for us. The day was organized in collaboration with Booncon pixels, Reaktor and Kubo Creative agency.  The purpose of the day was to 1) Open the startup teams’ eyes for the importance of design & identity of the company 2) Help the startup teams to polish their pitch deck for the Demo Day. The day was great as we got to brainstorm and rethink our brand visuals. We received amazing advice from everyone, and the day helped us to sharpen our story and polish our visual look.

We have a demo booth on Wednesday (1pm-6pm) and Thursday (8am-6pm) in Slush. Come visit us!

Our top moment during the program has been making it into Slush100 pitching competition. On the 30th of November at 15:00, it is our turn to take the stage. If you are going to Slush, come listen to our pitch; we will tell our story – what do we do and why. We also have a demo booth on Wednesday (1pm-6pm) and Thursday (8am-6pm). Come visit us! We can show you how our patent pending technology works. We enable companies to give personal feedback to all job candidates and communicate effectively throughout the recruitment process. It may seem impossible, so we invite you to come see for yourself.Overall, the last five weeks have been great, and we would like to thank Startup Sauna for making it happen. Amazing insights and support from the Startup Sauna core team and the coaches. The program has been extremely well organized, and each session has been valuable for us. Thank you!

While having lots of fun, we have tried to take the most of the program. I could not be prouder of our team. Each employee is determined to make this company a global success and supports this mission with their own expertise in customer success, international sales, marketing and R&D. I strongly believe that together with this power team, we can bring the human touch back to recruitment.

Miira & the rest of the TalentAdore team