By now you have probably heard million times how amazing Slush Helsinki 2017 was. And here it goes for the 1M + 1 times…Slush was tremendously awesome! The organizers had really put their best out there.

Speakers, side events, startups, competitions, and the whole atmosphere! Just incredible.

Was that enough bragging about the event? Luckily, there is no need to invent this stuff. I had high expectations of the event, and it’s crazy they were met – and exceeded.

Here you can read about our Slush experiences:

From swimming in an outdoor pool to pitching to foreign media in a moving tram

A few of our team members started the Slush week on Tuesday by participating in Allas Sea Pool Party organised by Talented and Vincit. Swimming in an outside pool in November in Finland was an experience indeed. Cold but definitely a fun and relaxing way to start the week. I actually tweeted on Thursday that this year there is no slush in Slush. Well, I was eventually proved wrong as it started to snow on Friday…

Another cool experience I had was when I got an opportunity to participate in a tram tour with foreign media. About 20 startups and 40 journalists spending an hour in a tram discussing with each other. It was very interesting!

Last week, TalentAdore was highlighted in a few articles thanks to being selected as one of the top 50 EU startups. Check, e.g., Good News from Finland and East Consulting (in Russian).ArcticStartup also made a very cool video about us! It nicely sums up what we do, and also shows how our technology works. Take a look below!

Artificial Intelligence was all around us

We participated in several side events related to Artificial Intelligence. We got to pitch twice in an A.I. event organized by PwC and also have a demo booth in an AI Afternoon event on Friday.

“TalentAdore brings the human touch back to recruitment. Our solution is a Virtual Recruitment Assistant, a recruitment software that takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The solution helps companies to enhance their Employer Brand by focusing on Candidate Experience. It also streamlines the recruitment process and automates manual and repetitious tasks. In other words: TalentAdore has created a true People Platform, an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts.”

Team TalentAdore pitching A.I. in recruitment

We had a great response, and it became clear how needed our solution is. We target the issues companies are dealing with, and we can help them to solve them.

Our solution helps in enhancing your Employer Brand and streamlining your recruitment process. Request a demo here so we can discuss more:

Startup, need a recruitment solution to help you recruit smoother and in an more efficient way?

We have an amazing deal for you. We want to help you recruit better and succeed in your business. Recruiting your new team members is one of the most crucial tasks you must do. At the same time, you need to take care of your brand and start growing your talent community. Request the offer here!

Thank you Slush and thank you to our super team! ♥

Chief Marketing Talentador

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