Last week, we participated in the Shift Business Festival in Turku, Finland. The weather was freezing, but we did not let it affect our mood. And despite the wind, we luckily had sunshine!

The Shift took place at the Castle of Turku on the 31st of May and the 1st of June 2017. The two days were full of networking, learning, participating… and yes, having lots of fun. Turku Castle offered us great surroundings – just beautiful. How often do you have an opportunity to spend time in a place like this?

What is the Shift business festival all about

“In The SHIFT we believe that technology enables us to build a better tomorrow. To solve the core problems of humanity, we need ethical and sustainable business models that have a social impact.” (The SHIFT) 

I relate to the ideology of Shift. Change is inevitable – and it is often needed. At TalentAdore, we are solving an important issue in recruitment. We improve the communication in the recruitment process, and it has a significant effect on companies, job candidates, and the society. We are also a great example of how technology can help to increase human touch and not to decrease it as is often considered. Our solution helps candidates to improve their skills by getting feedback and companies to attract the right candidates.

”Change is the one thing we can always count on. Whenever things change, new possibilities arise. In the SHIFT we are bringing the hottest new technologies on stage and connecting them with the fields of health, learning, and energy – the foundations for a well-functioning society.” (The SHIFT)

Behind the SHIFT Business Festival is a non-profit organisation, Shift Ry, and their team consists of active citizens; mainly young professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. I love the fact that they are not motivated by money, but by making a positive impact on the society. That is amazing.

What are the crucial criteria when recruiting new talents

There were several roundtables, workshops, and presentations during the two days. One of the most memorable round tables for me was the discussion arranged around what are the crucial criteria when recruiting new talents. It was hosted by Tiina Mäkinen from Saranen Consulting. About 10 people participated in the round table, and the discussion was enthusiastic and active. It was great to hear others’ opinions and experiences! There are several ways of defining the criteria, and one is not necessarily better than another.

What are the most important criteria in your company? Is it more about the skills, personality, or values? All these are relevant, but here at TalentAdore, we are mostly keen on finding the right cultural fit. Many skills can be learned if you are just motivated to improve yourself. We are also looking for employees who share the same passion with us, to bring the human touch back to recruitment.

We are the winner of the Shift pitching competition 2017

On Wednesday, we participated in the semi-finals of the Shift pitching competition. Several start-ups had applied for the competition, and among them, only 18 start-ups were chosen to compete. The CEO of TalentAdore, Saku Valkama, nailed his pitch and got us selected for the finals.

“How many of you have applied for a job just to get the copy pasted email that says you did not get it?” You know how bad it feels when you have given all you got, and you still don’t get it. You don’t even know what went wrong. You have often waited for that response for several months and not got any communication in between.

This is a common problem, and we cannot just blame the recruiters. When there are hundreds or thousands of applicants, answering to each and one of them manually is just impossible. For this dilemma, we have found a solution. A solution that benefits both recruiting companies and candidates.

Let me introduce you to our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA). It’s a new kind of recruitment software that allows recruiters to send automatic status updates and personalised feedback to all job candidates. We use artificial intelligence to make the magic happen, but at the same time, we are not losing the personal touch. The evaluation of the candidate is still made by the recruiter; we just take care of the communication. Thanks to the VRA, Candidates will know how the recruitment process goes forward, and if they are not selected, they know why. With a superior candidate experience, companies improve their employer brand and attract top talent.

Request a demo!

On Thursday, we participated in the finals with four other start-ups. SkenarioLabs, Aavagen, 3DBear, and Zero Keyboard; they had all improved their pitches, and they were great. The judges were really grilling all of the start-ups, and they had a difficult job to choose the winner. Saku gave one of the best pitches he has ever had, and we could not have been happier when the winner was announced. We did it! We won the grand prize! 10.000€ – just amazing.

And what about this afterparty! So cool. We got a chance to spend an evening in Kakola, an old prison building from which the prisoners were moved to another location in 2007. We could visit the prison cells and experience the history of the building. All in all, the party was awesome. Drinks, good food, music, and lots of networking.Pictures by the Shift Business Festival.

Thank you Shift business festival 2017. You treated us well 🙂 We would like to thank the organisers, volunteers, and participants. The two days we had were great!


Head of Marketing