Our solution, the Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA), adds AI-based personalized candidate communication and candidate-matching capabilities to your SuccessFactors.

For hiring managers, it offers a highly intuitive and simplified user interface to complete their part of the work in a timely manner. Our solution automatically sorts and highlights top candidates in order of relevance so that you can obtain more value out of your talent pools and communities.

Bi-Directional Integration with

SAP SuccessFactors

The Benefits For You

  • Up to 70% of all your rejected candidates will recommend you to their social circles
  • Hiring managers will perform their work in a timely manner and with higher motivation
  • Workflow automation will free you time to focus on the most essential: the people
  • With AI matching and a superior candidate experience, you will attract better candidates and receive fewer irrelevant applications
  • The analytics go beyond what traditional ATS’s offer — for example, you will measure candidate experience in real-time
Virtual Recruitment Assistant benefits for SAP SuccessFactors customers

Our Top Features that Enrich Your SAP SuccessFactors

With the help of artificial intelligence, we match your candidates to the best positios, give recommendations automatically, and highlight candidates with traffic lights. Our Candidate Matching technology has several possible application areas, such as talent communities and career pages.
The VRA suggests suitable moments to update candidates of their status in the recruitment process and generates messages automatically. You can send AI powered personalized feedback messages, status updates, and interview invitations.
You can keep in touch with potential candidates, store referrals, and link candidates to active recruitments. With the help of intelligent tagging, you can also boost the company’s internal job rotation and manage pre-qualified temp workforce quickly and efficiently.
The Hiring Manager View motivates the hiring managers to complete their part of the work in a timely manner. It greatly simplifies complex recruiting tasks while ensuring all relevant data is synchronized with SF.

You can monitor how the average candidate experience has evolved and view open comments. You can also see real-time data about your recruitment processes and filter the data by position and user.


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