Tuxera achieved significant improvements in its recruitment activities since taking TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) into use in Spring 2017. The company not only decreased its recruitment cost, but was also able to attract a larger amount of relevant candidates. These successes have also had a big impact on the company’s business objectives of sustainable growth and retaining its strong position in the market.

Searching for Top Talents

Tuxera, a market leader in data storage solutions and interoperability software, is one of the fastest growing software companies in Finland. As the company grows, it is on a continuous search for top talents for its engineering as well as sales and marketing teams to support global customers.

Due to the level of expertise required to work on Tuxera technology, the company had difficulties finding and attracting the required number of qualified candidates. The company also experienced certain challenges in terms of return on investment and using innovative ways to recruit talent with its existing solution.

To solve these problems, Tuxera embarked on a journey to look for a cost-effective solution that would support an efficient hiring process, bring in more qualified candidates, and take the candidate experience to a new level. The company also wanted the solution to support modern ways of recruiting talent and their increasing Talent Community activities. Ultimately, the goal was to improve ROI in recruiting activities, as well as for recruitment function to better support the company’s business objectives. Click the edit button to add your testimonial.

Decreasing Cost and Attracting More Relevant Candidates

As a result of choosing TalentAdore as their ATS, Tuxera was able to decrease their hiring cost by 25%. At the same time, the number of relevant candidates has increased by 37%. TalentAdore’s solution has also helped the company to improve internal collaboration between various stakeholders in the hiring process, making the internal process more efficient. Click the edit button to add your testimonial.

Attracting Future Employees with Talent Community

By growing and engaging with the relevant talent community over time, the company can now leverage its Talent Community as an active sourcing channel for future employees. Since implementing TalentAdore, the company has been able to fill 43% of its open positions directly from its Talent Community. Tuxera has also experienced significant improvement in the engagement rates for its Talent Community activities. For example, the open rate for the company’s Talent Community Newsletter is 52% on average, nearly four times higher compared to the industry benchmark. Click the edit button to add your testimonial.

Measuring Candidate Experience in Real-time

With the help of TalentAdore analytics, Tuxera measures candidate experience in real-time and can quickly make informed decisions on needed changes to the hiring process. Candidate experience has improved thanks to easy application, automated interview scheduling, regular updates on the progress, as well as 100% personalized candidate feedback provided to each candidate.

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All-in-all, Tuxera is a great example of how you can leverage innovative sourcing methods, improved targeting, automation, and TalentAdore’s VRA to generate more relevant candidate pipelines, decrease hiring costs, and bring more value to your business.