Plan International

HR Manager Kirsi Tuovinen

I have been working for Plan for 2.5 years and enjoyed my time in the organization. It is great to be a part of an international children’s rights organization. The importance of the job is strongly present in our everyday lives and it is great to work with such excellent colleagues.

We at Plan encourage people to work for children’s rights, equality, and sustainability. Plan also promotes the active citizenship of young immigrants. We want to strengthen young people’s opportunities to influence common issues. Follow the link (in Finnish) to see our activities in Finland.

Solutions Can Be Found Through Discussion

Our communication works very well because all the information is open to everyone.

At Plan, we are open and transparent in everything we do. The best thing about our company is meaningfulness; We work on very important matters. I believe meaningful work engages people in the workplace and emphasizes the importance of human respect. It’s important, that we involve people, and by discussing, we try to find solutions that please the majority.

We are highly thanked for the ease of matching work and free time. We want to be flexible, and many employees are also studying while working, or work part-time, that best suits their own life situation.

TalentAdore Makes Recruiter’s Daily Life Easier

In 2020, our average application processing time improved by 35%.

Candidate experience is important to us. We want the transparency of communications to be passed on to our job seekers. We implemented TalentAdore’s recruitment software in spring 2018 to communicate better with our applicants and enhance our recruitment efforts.

Using the TalentAdore software has been easy and straightforward. It guides the user without the need to search for information. It is helpful for us to see how many candidates are at what step — at a glance. The interview booking function also frees up much time from the recruiter. It’s easy to add open interview times into the calendar. The candidate can then choose the most suitable time with no messaging back and forth.

TalentAdore has streamlined our recruitment process significantly. In 2020, our average application processing time improved by 35%. In addition, the average time-to-hire improved 149%. Streamlining the recruitment processes has a big impact not only on the improvement of our internal work but also on the candidate experience, when our recruitment processes do not stretch too long.

We get positive feedback from the candidates. It has been great to see through data that the quality of the candidate experience we produce is excellent. In 2021, our candidate experience among all candidates has been 4.1 / 5. Good experience is also reflected in the open feedback sent by applicants:

– Thank you for the updates on the process! And for the message for me not being selected. That is also important information. Have a nice spring!

– The candidate was kept well informed and you were actually interested in the candidate’s job search situation.

– The process was clear and candidate-friendly. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is that I wasn’t hired.

We focus on personalizing our recruitment process. That is why we feel it is important that the candidate is able to get to know their future work pair and supervisor already during the recruitment process. In addition to this, the fact that the messages are personal is also reflected in the communication, when the supervisors aim to tell the candidates in the ‘no thanks’ messages what candidates could develop.

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Videos in Recruitment

In our videos, the face-to-face charity fundraisers tell what kind of job it is and what is included.

The videos on our career pages give our young candidates a hands-on image of the work of a face-to-face charity fundraiser. We strongly believe that the use of video material will increase by both employers and candidates in the future. Candidates want to know what the job is like in practice. By saying that we bring transparency to the recruitment process.

As a responsible employer, we strive to promote equality in our recruitment. This means if candidates are proven to be equal, we will prioritise candidates whose employment prospects may be lower, for example, because of their ethnic background or disability.

Remember to Say Thank You

Communality plays a very important role in our company.

At Plan, employee motivation is mainly based on everyday feedback and saying thank you. Communality plays a very important role in our company. For example, we plan well-being days and Christmas parties together, which increases the sense of community. We get excited about small things that increase well-being and satisfaction at work.

As a Plan volunteer, you can plan and organize events, share information about girls’ rights, campaign and influence, participate in events, and support young immigrants. Plan volunteers promote children’s, and especially girls’ rights, equality, and sustainability.

Plan International wants to have a just world where all children’s rights and equality are actualised. Therefore, Plan especially improves girls’ lives and protection in developing countries. The religiously and politically non-aligned Plan was founded in 1937 and began operations in Finland in 1998. We operate in over 70 countries.

Plan offers its employees a diverse, challenging and interesting workplace where they can be in the front line to promote childrens’ rights. Read more about Plan International (in English) and apply for interesting jobs (in Finnish).