Hello, everyone! I have been writing a couple of blog posts for TalentAdore in the last two months, and I thought that I could write something personal today. Therefore, I have decided to share more about my personal candidate experience.

Before I jump into my personal candidate experience, let me do a short introduction about myself. My name is Recia Lee, and I am from Singapore. I am currently doing my mandatory school internship for 6 months here in Finland. It has been such a wonderful experience thus far, working for a company you believe in.Before confirming my internship here in Finland, it took me months of preparation. This is where the story of my personal candidate experience begins. It might be a little different as compared to the usual candidate experience as I was looking for an internship, not a job. I would assume that it would be much tougher to find a job!

Prior to applying and contacting any companies, the first thing I did was to complete my resume. I put my best foot forward as this internship would affect my grades. As a result, I came up with a cover letter which I changed accordingly to the respective company’s industry. I had at least 5 different sets of resume before I decided that I was ready to start applying for internships.

From there, everything went downhill.

I started with a list of famous multinational companies etc. and then I went on to a list of exciting start-ups that had gotten my attention. Lastly, I emailed companies that stated explicitly that they were looking for an intern. The whole process of finding a suitable company for my internship took me around 5 months. I probably emailed 100 companies only to receive less than 10 replies. The first couple of weeks, I sent out a few applications at a time because I was afraid of being accepted into more than one company. Well, I was obviously very wrong. Before I know it, time flew by and I started to panic. I sent heaps and heaps of email, thereby checking my email first thing every morning.

Of course, nothing came. Once in a while, I got a rejection letter as well. I would not say that I am the best student from my school, but I was definitely above average. Therefore, I often wonder why I got rejected.

Was it because of my results? Or was it because I did not have enough working experience? What is it?

Finally, I found TalentAdore, got in contact them and the whole recruitment process took less than a week. We were pretty efficient I would say – we had 2 Skype interviews, a couple of emails sent, and a few forms filled within a week. And now, here I am, writing this blog post to share my personal candidate experience.It was such an unforgettable experience I would say. I spent 5 months looking for my first ever job/intern. I wonder what it will be like after I graduate and have to compete with everyone else. I would really appreciate getting replies from companies even if they were to reject me. I personally feel like it would help me in my search so that I would not have to waste time hanging around and waiting for replies. And I hope that it isn’t too much to ask for when I say I would like to know why companies reject me. I am sure that I would not hear nice things, but I would really like to take this chance to understand myself and the company further.Learn how you can give a positive candidate experience here.

Thank you for reading about my personal candidate experience. Please share with me any experiences you have had below – it can be good or bad! Stay tuned for more blog posts!