At Lehto group, we had a critical need for a new recruitment software. The mere decision to switch to the new system took us seven months. We came up with five silly reasons not to impelement a new recruitment software. Now it feels idiotic. What were we thinking, and why did we hesitate to make the decision? Each day, we had to find two new employees to grow as a company. That was a good reason to find a new recruitment software!

Onboarding took only about one lunch break.

The uncertain feeling of the change was like a vague blob between the ears. That’s why I wrote five factors I would’ve liked to know when we were indecisive about the new recruitment software. When should we replace the software, how and to which one? We chose TalentAdore, and I have not regretted a day.

1. You have bad experiences with implementing new software

The first silly reason not to implement a new recruitment software are your previous bad experiences. You may have been involved in implementing various IT solutions, whether it was a travel invoice software or payroll software. There is always something that doesn’t work, workdays stretch, and stress level keeps rising. When you find that the software you just purchased is missing some important feature, you doubt yourself. Have we made the right choice, or would some other software have been better?

Onboarding TalentAdore took only about one lunch break. Afterward, we had a lot of time to modify features, refine and develop them. We survived the implementation with no help from TalentAdore – although help would have been available if necessary. In addition, we got answers to all our questions quickly.

2. You fear losing previous candidates

The second silly reason not to implement a new recruitment software is your fear of losing previous candidates. For me, the biggest fear was that we would lose the previous candidates. Data migration was effective and scheduled according to our needs. We were able to recover all candidates and they found their place in the new software. I can reveal the cost of migration was only a three-digit number. Our IT-department was expecting much worse.

The data migration procedure was somewhat customized for us, but I never heard TalentAdore complain about technical difficulties. Funny thing, the most challenging part of data migration was reaching out to the tech team of our former service provider. Our TalentAdore contact person also handled this, which saved us a lot of time. Both thumbs up for TalentAdore.

3. You suspect IT procurement is always expensive

The third silly reason not to implement a new recruitment software is your ignorance of the price. Does the following sound familiar? Onboardings are delayed and generate sudden additional costs you couldn’t budget when you purchased the software. In the procurement contract, you committed yourself as a customer without guarantees of satisfaction. Since you have no experience with MySQL or the work as a software architect, you don’t know what you’ve ordered. You are in trouble and feeling cheated. Luckily, we successfully avoided this nightmare with TalentAdore!

The onboarding of TalentAdore involved no surprising non-contractual costs. In fact, we only ordered some small job site-related reforms from our advertising agency. Overall, there were no hidden costs, and the budget was inline. I consider the monthly price to be a very reasonable cost compared to the business benefit generated by TalentAdore.

I assume you won’t make your candidates fill out multi-page applications just to make it easier for you as a recruiter.

4. You assume that the recruitment software should communicate with your HR system

The fourth silly reason not to implement a new recruitment software is wrong assumptions. This is a remarkably interesting claim in which most recruitment software companies’ salespersons often emphasize. “We have the integration to your HR system, and you can quickly move hired candidate’s information to the job contract”. Consider if this is a relevant integration for you. For us, it wasn’t. All the information we need is the candidate’s name, phone number, and email. It only takes half a minute to write them down. If you hire two people every day, it will take you one minute. Instead, that highly advertised integration can cost your employer thousands of euros or even be a wrong choice.

You probably think that what about those other information forms, and CVs, and certificates? I assume you won’t make your candidates fill out multi-page applications just to make it easier for you as a recruiter. Unless you want to test the candidate’s perseverance, which is also a bad excuse. Also, because of the new data protection legislation, be aware that you may not store all the information provided during the job search phase.

TalentAdore is not at the moment connected to our HR system, and there is no need. However, if the need would arise, this integration would be possible at a reasonable cost.

Fortunately, TalentAdore has been made so smart that it requires only little training. The user interface guides the user.

5. You don’t want to burden your staff and train them again a new software

The fifth and last silly reason not to implement a new recruitment software is that you don’t want to burden you staff. I feel you! There are numerous simultaneous deployments in the growing company, and there is plenty to learn. At first, I waited for a quieter moment until I realized there wasn’t one coming.

Fortunately, TalentAdore has been made incredibly smart; it requires little training. The user interface guides the user themself. In our case, it often proceeds with the supervisor: “Hi! Are you at your computer? I’ll email you a login link to our new recruitment software. Please change your password and log in. Can you see the candidates? Good. You can evaluate them, and we take care of the candidate communications—leaving you with nothing to do. Use the recruitment software to send invitations for interviews and to hire.”

However, if you encounter any problems, the support service works well within the software. I have not yet found a more convenient way to report deployment needs elsewhere. Even the answer usually arrives quickly. We can see that TalentAdore’s customer success team works closely with software developers, and the entire team is familiar with the features of the software. That’s why things are resolved quickly. This is where customer satisfaction is on point all the time!

Writer: Tanja Kanerva

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