The Nordic Business Forum was again a truly inspirational event. I especially liked Gary Vee’s speech and the ideas of teamwork and leadership by Ed Catmull. All in all it was two days of world-class speakers and engaging interactions with colleagues you normally get to meet only very rarely. I wish every working day could be more like that!

Essentially it comes down to two things – purpose and inspiration. Basically thinking BIG. If we could do that together, and do it continually in our working environment, great things would certainly happen.

I mean figuring out and being inspired by our team’s purpose, and drawing energy from the inspiration of our teammates. Taking it step by step, further and further. Building an inspiring culture together.

If we could work to improve our culture daily, inevitably, growth would follow. After a while, this growth would require the recruitment of new talent. And that is where TalentAdore comes into the picture. We want to help companies and their potential talents to find one another better, and to be inspired by each other.

We do this by bringing the human touch back into recruitment. For far too long, companies have been concentrating on finding that one rare gem out of all the applicants. At the same time, they have been mistreating the rest of the candidates. The most common method of mistreatment is the radio silence that covers the whole recruitment process.

Only half of companies give any feedback to their candidates. Furthermore, over 90% of that feedback is made of generic mass messages – nonsense letters that inspire nobody.

This needs to change. When we end the radio silence and communicate with each other, we inspire and get inspired by each other.

In response to this need for better communication, we have built an end-to-end recruitment system. Our solution combines Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) boosted feedback with a state of the art Application Tracking System (ATS). Our system enables you to give feedback to every candidate in less than ten seconds.

We believe superior candidate communication fulfills many dreams. With personal, detailed and relevant feedback, candidates learn from each application process. In that way, they evolve towards their dream jobs. As a result, companies attract right kind of talent, and their business grows. Everybody wins.

Are you interested in finding out how you could turn your job candidates into your biggest fans?