As a Singaporean, I started gathering interest in the Human Resource industry after working at TalentAdore. I spent the last week finding out more about this industry in my home country and I found several exciting trends that I thought I could share with you guys.

1) Booming start-up firms

A large number of roles will be created by start-up firms in 2017 as the government looks to position Singapore as the Silicon Valley of Asia. Front and centre in the hiring pipeline will be junior-level candidates who are ambitious and aspirational in line with the culture of start-up firms. Technology firms will be on the lookout for professionals in the areas of digital marketing, data analytics, and financial and payment software in 2017.

2) Digital transformation

Digital transformation is booming in Singapore and as a result, we will see the number of digital marketing manager roles increase throughout the year. Their importance in digital transformation is measured by their ability to interpret real-time results and consumer data to increase business leads and conversions. There has been a demand for marketing and PR employees based on recent data as well.

3) Data driven sales strategies

Some of the leading insurance firms in Singapore will target data analytics candidates in 2017. This is due to their ability to interpret customer insights via data analysis. Candidates who can demonstrate creative thinking will fare best as they can morph big data into useful insights for companies to map out better marketing and sales strategies. Data analytics is an up and coming industry and more employers are looking for Business Data analytics graduates these days.

4) Gender diversity

Gender diversity will continue to be a focus for many companies in 2017. Companies are specifically requesting shortlists to include an even number of females and males. This is a pretty interesting trend as Singapore has always been a country that uphold gender equality but it was never much emphasised in the society through specific measures.

5) Cutting costs to drive growth

As a result of a slowing economy, third-party logistics firms will look to attract candidates who have demonstrated experience of improving efficiency across supply chain and logistic flows. It’s hoped such actions will help stimulate the economy by the end of the year.

Companies also face the pressure to retain talent which affects their cost as well. Some companies will find it increasingly difficult to retain digitally minded talent. With digital such a hot area, candidates want to work for companies that place digital transformation at the heart of their business and understand the importance of its integration across all business units. They may be disheartened by companies with poor infrastructure or outdated technology, making it difficult for them to develop their digital skills.

I’ve done a fair bit of research about the Human Resource industry in Finland and part of Europe. I see various similarities and differences in the different countries and I’m considering if I should do a blog on that. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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