We are proud to introduce one of the newest and coolest features in our solution – Targeted job ads. With a couple of clicks, you can advertise your job opening on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network.

Here is an example of how it works:

“A company based in Helsinki is looking for someone with a Master’s degree and IT background. The optimisation tool searches Facebook, Instagram and Google for people who have their current city listed in or near Helsinki, and who have education or work experience that matches with what the employer seeks. From there, the Job Ad pops up on their news feeds sends, listing the top users from this search.“

It’s all about targeting. First, you set the criteria for the candidates you are searching for and then choose a budget. You can target your ads based on: Age, City, Education, School/University, Job titles, Employers & Interests. Second, you design the advertisement. It’s simple and requires only little time. Add titles, photos and a link to the job ad.

Targeted job ads_talentadore

You do not need to worry about optimisation. Let the solution optimise the right channels, spots and times for you. You can also start by first using just Facebook to see the effect.

Why Use Targeted Job Ads?

  • You get traffic to your job post and generate quality applications.
  • Your job ad will be posted on social media within minutes providing job title, localisation and description.
  • It includes job picture or company logo upload. This is your chance to boost your brand!
  • Your job ad will be targeted to hundreds of millions of active Facebook, Google and Instagram users, reaching the ones who best fit your chosen criteria.
  • You increase the number of applications you receive from the hard-to-reach passive candidate market.
  • Pay per click marketing is worthwhile: One of the reasons that PPC is so straightforward is because you know exactly where your budget is going, and you only pay when an interested party clicks on the ad.

This cool feature is a seamless part of our recruitment software, Virtual Recruitment Assistant. No need to use several solutions – you get all in one.

If you are already our customer, contact support@talentadore.com to get this new feature into use! We would love to help you to get started with it.

Not yet familiar with our solution? Request a demo here:

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