Superior Candidate Experience with Virtual Recruitment Assistant!

You know your candidates deserve better communication.
Our solution enables you to send automatic status updates and
fully personal feedback to each job candidate.
That is why we call it the Virtual Recruitment Assistant.

Meet our Virtual Recruitment Assistant

Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is not just like another recruitment software. It can handle the whole recruitment process from end-to-end, but on top of that, it enables you to provide the superior candidate experience.

The Underlying magic

The underlying magic is that you can have unparalled communication with your candidates throughout the whole process. Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant will enable you to send out automatic status messages, and fully personal feedback to each and every candidate. All it takes from you is a few mouse clicks.

End-to-end recruitment solution – Enjoy superior experiences every step of the way:

1. Attractive job ads

The whole process starts by creating beautiful and attractive job ads. Utilise ready-made blocks and build your own. Adding your logo, picture and color will bring your brand personality to life.

Post your job ads to job boards and share them on Social Media.

2. Easy application

Abandon extensive manual application procedures and keep it simple. With a ‘one-click’ approach, you attract top talent and still get all the info you need.

Why this matters? Based on several studies, candidates do not want to fill long application forms. By keeping it simple, you avoid your candidates dropping the application process already in the beginning.

3. Candidate evaluation

Read applications and go through documentation while evaluating effortlessly on the go. Show your appreciation for the time and interest your candidates have taken.

4. Status updates & feedback

Keep communicating with your candidates. You can send status updates automatically throughout the recruitment process. Let the candidates know when their application is received, being reviewed, and more.

The VRA takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and therefore, empowers you to send personalised feedback to all of your candidates.

5. Measure experience

Keep track of your recruitment process. With our reporting capabilities, you can measure your recruitment process effectiveness and more. In one view, you see the most relevant data; e.g. how many applications you have received, how many are hired, and what is the duration of the application process.

Do you want to know what your candidates think about your recruitment process? With the help of select NPS (Net promoter score), you can follow up your employer brand status and how it evolves in real time.

With our customers, we have found out that on average, 70% of the candidates would recommend the company to their friends after getting a personalised feedback letter. With an impersonal letter, the average is 20%.

Let’s bring the human touch back to recruitment!

It’s all about better engagement with the next generation of communication.
We enable you to give 100% personalized feedback
to each job candidate in less than 10 seconds.

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Candidate Experience

Deliver superior Candidate Experience and improve your Employer Brand.

Talent pipeline management

Earmark potential candidates for the future and build your internal talent pool.

Plug & Play

Fast onboarding: Just register and start the using immediately.

End-to-end recruitment process

Our ATS combines artificial intelligence and human touch.

Personal feedback

Give 100% personalised feedback to all job candidates.

Analytics & Metrics

Track Candidate Experience and how effectively your recruitment process is performing.

Limitless users

Create as many users as you need, there are no limits.

Cloud service

Use our solution from anywhere you like and whenever you want.

Five-star customer support

We are multilingual and always there to give you a hand.