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Recruiters all around the world are facing the same challenge. It is impossible for them to write a personal email for each candidate. For candidates this is an even bigger problem – it is personal. They spend hours preparing their job applications, and weeks and even months waiting for a response. Most of the time, candidates don’t know how the recruitment process goes forward, or how they could improve.

TalentAdore’s mission is to bring the human touch back to recruitment. We facilitate communication between recruiters and candidates by increasing transparency. Employers should treat candidates with respect and care, as they and their social circles can become their customers or future employees.


The Virtual Recruitment Assistant is an incredible tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), advanced communication technologies and intelligent automation.

This strategic tool allows you to send automatic status updates and 100% personalised feedback messages to each candidate, without extra time. You can also manage the entire recruitment process from creating job ads to hiring decisions, and measuring your employer brand in real time. You can also build your own talent community. 


With our solution, candidates know all the time what is going on in the process. And if they are not selected, they know why. Providing feedback helps to build a good relationship between the candidate and the recruiter. While the candidates enjoy a superior experience, companies improve their employer brand, attract top talent, and grow their business.

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TalentAdore in media

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