My name is Pauliina and I am the team leader for R&D at TalentAdore.

I have been working at TalentAdore for two years now. I was the first employee that was hired to work at TalentAdore and I started as a full-stack developer.

My background is in computer science and language studies. TalentAdore was an opportunity to combine both of my interests!

Since joining the team, I have gained more experience and now I lead the development team. It has been amazing to see the change from a newly founded startup to a great company that makes good business and employs a dozen people.

What intrigues me most in this company is how we can improve and streamline old practices (in the recruiting industry) and make this world more human. I believe that there are serious limitations in how recruiting is done till this day and developing that system can yield much better results – for both candidates and companies.

In my freetime, if I’m not coding, I’m making something else with my hands 🙂

Have a nice day,

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