My name is Laura and
I am the International Business Development Executive at TalentAdore.

I am Mexican and I have been working at TalentAdore for 6 months. My onboarding took place at the Startup Sauna business accelerator programme at Aalto University. TalentAdore had been selected among 750 startups in the Nordics, Baltics, Eastern Europe and Russia. That was a fantastic opportunity to get to know my coworkers, the business culture and the vibrant Finnish startup ecosystem. All at the same time!

I am focused on international business development and I am the architect of our international growth. I build customer contacts and carry out strategic customer pilots in English-, and Spanish-speaking countries. Moreover, I am building cooperation with potential partners outside Finland. On top of that, R&D activities have added a special touch to my daily work. I have co-created the Spanish version of our online solution with Pauliina, the team leader for R&D.

Both my international education and work experience helped me realize the revolutionary contribution of TalentAdore. I have witnessed the huge gap between the industry, talents and universities. A clear lack of communication prevails, starting from the employers who most likely do not have the resources to  provide meaningful feedback to a massive number of graduates or experienced professionals knocking on their doors every day. However, the employability and skills landscape must change for good.

I love my team at TalentAdore because it composes of members who are always ready to learn about work and even other cultures. The working language at the office is English since I have colleagues from Finland, Singapore, Vietnam and Russia. It is definitely unique to be working in Finland in an international environment!

Last but not least, my hobbies include traveling, dancing salsa, cooking with friends and life-long learning. If there is an interesting workshop going on, you will see me attending for sure. My favorite topics are business, education and human development.

If you are a job seeker, recruiter or a leader, help us spread the word about TalentAdore. You can always ask for a demo and see how we humanize the recruitment process. It doesn’t matter which country you are from!

Thanks & have a wonderful day!